Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year home education

Happy New Year! We had a lovely two week Christmas holiday and saw all of our close family. It feels like a long time since I updated here!

Stuart went back to work on Monday but before that we went swimming, visited the Centre for Life and Gibside together. We have also played many, many games of Uno, read lots of new books and built Lego Christmas presents.

We are slowly getting back into routine this week. Harry and Peter have both done some reading and writing practise, Harry had Beavers and his swimming lesson and we have started reading about The Stone Age, which we will be working on for a couple of weeks.

Harry has also been playing cello and we have watched some videos by The Piano Guys. We especially love this Batman themed piece. Peter and I listened to a BBC Playtime podcast called 'Robin'. 

We've been on the bus to City Library too, to return our Christmas books. Harry has borrowed a couple of Michael Morpurgo titles to read along with his beloved Beast and Sea Quests!

I won't be changing much about our routine this term. I think we are doing the right amount of external classes - both boys are doing enjoy-a-ball and music and Harry also does art class, swimming lessons and Beavers. Peter isn't school age until September so we may start him with an extra activity then if he wants to do one.

Last year Harry's main aim was to read independently and he has exceeded my expectations in that respect; he reads so quickly and fluently now and I expect he will start to read longer books this year. He will be working more on written English and we will be starting the Galore Park Junior English textbook. He will continue to use Conquer Maths online.

Peter is enjoying Reading Eggs online so he will continue to use that and he is now able to read three letter words by sounding the letters. He loves practising writing letters too! We will start using the early stage Oxford Reading Tree books as well. He will be using workbooks for learning to write numbers and practising early maths skills.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas craft and beach

Harry finished sewing his Christmas tree decoration this morning. He likes this type of pre-punched sewing kit. 

Peter made a cut-out window decoration and a Lego/jam jar snowstorm. Harry did this a few weeks ago and Peter wanted to make a matching one. The glue-gun glue in Harry's had unstuck too so we used superglue this time on the jar lids. 

We met friends at the beach today too, which was quite mild for December and the boys had a great dig, followed by lunch at the cafe on the beach. We went back to our friend's house and all the children played minecraft together. Harry really likes joining the same world as his friends and helping each other. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Playing games, craft and swimming

We were all very tired this morning after being away at the weekend. We also had friends over to play yesterday, a bike ride and the Beavers Christmas disco, which was a later night than usual.

We spent a lovely, relaxed morning at home. We played our new snakes and ladders game, which has numbers to 100. I had some tesco clubcard vouchers to use and bought a few new games for us from there. Snakes and ladders has always been popular with Harry and Peter from a young age.

And we played our new favourite game - Uno. Both boys love this and Harry would play for ages but Peter gets bored after a few rounds. 

We also did some sticker and glitter pictures and Harry started sewing a felt Christmas tree decoration. I read aloud too and Peter had a bath, so we were ready to go to Harry's last swimming lesson of the term this afternoon. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014


We had a trip to Harrogate today, so Harry and Peter could go to the panto with my mum. They had a great time and brought flashing spinners home! My sister and I (along with sleeping baby) had a lovely lunch and did some Christmas shopping.

They were also pleased to see baby cousin Jacob again. My mum with her grandsons....

Saturday, 13 December 2014

End of term music concert

It was Harry's Christmas music concert today. All the children in his year (he is year two of three) played a solo or duet piece and he also played in the ensemble concert. He really enjoyed it all and played very well. 

He was pleased that his concert even had its own special tickets! 

I had a haircut this afternoon so Stuart and the boys went swimming and had great fun. 

Art, theatre and Christmas giving

We had a very busy day yesterday! Harry finished his gingerbread man at the last art class of term. 

We went to a Christmas theatre performance called I've Seen Santa with friends. It was very interactive and we all enjoyed it.

We dropped off our donation for a local homeless charity called Making Winter Warmer for Those Without. They were collecting shoebox gifts for homeless people so we made one up including warm socks, a scarf, toiletries and chocolates. We usually make a donation of this kind at Christmas and I think it's really important for the children to consider others less fortunate than themselves at this time of giving. 

Harry also had his last enjoy a ball class of term and they had a great time playing lots of their favourite games. 

We are not often out for the whole day and we were pretty tired when we got back for tea. 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas crafts

We played some board games this morning before going to post some cards and presents then joining some friends for Christmas crafts. 

The boys made baubles. We used plastic clear baubles that opened to fill with tinsel and they coloured the outside with sharpie pens. We also made them from strips of shiny card fastened at the top and bottom with split pins then fanned out. 

Peter also made a snowman and Harry coloured a stained glass window style decoration.

They had a good play with their friends too.