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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spring at last?

We spent a lovely afternoon yesterday at our local playground. It's only 15 minutes or so from home and it is next to a long, safe bike track so it's a regular haunt. The boys went on their bikes and Peter enjoyed some free-wheeling, it won't be long before he is trying out the 2 wheel balance bike. I have had many runs home keeping up with toddler Harry on it!

We also had a first experience - in all our visits over the past 5 years (and there have been many), there has never been an ice cream van visit but we were lucky today! It must be spring! Ice cream at the park, it must be!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dyed eggs and Easter goodies

I really liked the look of vegetable dyed eggs, having read this guide so we made our own this week. We used red cabbage for the blue colour, beetroot for red and turmeric for yellow. These were mixed with vinegar, salt and water and boiled.

The boys enjoyed adding all the ingredients to the pan. We did it slightly differently to the guide as we hard-boiled the eggs (I don't trust Peter's ability to distinguish suck from blow yet so we didn't blow the shells empty). We added the dye ingredients then boiled the eggs in the same pan, before straining the coloured liquid off and leaving the eggs in it for 24 hours.

The red didn't take very well and ended up more like brown but we love the blue and yellow! These have gone into our Easter boxes (at the bottom of this page).

I also had some foam eggs which we decorated using marbling ink. We held the egg on a cocktail stick and dipped it in the liquid so it could be fully covered.

Peter really enjoyed having the chocolate krispie nest making activity to himself (Harry was busy). He crushed 85g shredded wheat in a bag with a rolling pin and helped to mix the melted chocolate into it (we used 200g). I spooned it into the cases for him and he added mini eggs to the top.

I thought it would be really nice to bring together all the activities we have been doing for Easter in one place so the boys painted some of the containers we receive from our vegbox order and filled them with shredded paper. They added eggs, krispie cakes, chicks and our felt daffodils to make a pretty display. We will be seeing my mum tomorrow so they are taking one as an Easter gift for her.

Daffodil crafts and activities

It feels like a long time since we have done any themed activities and I have been putting this one off for a couple of weeks in the hope that some spring sunshine would emerge. It hasn't, but the daffodils are blooming nonetheless in the garden so I thought we had better get on with our related activities!

We used this sheet to draw our own daffodils. I don't have much artistic skill and I was really pleased with mine. Harry was very proud of his too and he did try hard to follow each step and didn't want any help.

We made some clothes peg daffodils with felt. We painted the clothes pegs to act as stems and I cut out felt which we glued into place to create a bright indoor bunch of blooms.

We have been following a Nature Detectives activity this week to create rainbow daffodils. We mixed food colouring with water and placed the daffodils in. We recorded how they looked after 24 and 48 hours. The green colour gave a really nice effect, but the black didn't seem to be well accepted by the daffodils as they went really droopy and didn't take up any of the colour at all.

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Stone Age and an outdoor journal

We visited the Botanic Gardens in Durham today with some friends. Archaeology students there are constructing a mesolithic settlement and we saw a teepee-style house made of logs surrounded by clods of earth and grass and a kiln. 

There is more in progress so we may make another visit. While we were there we read this book
And did some drawings of some of the images from it. 

This tied in well with a library book we have been reading at home, which has a really interesting double page showing how stone age humans lived.

We also started a outdoor journal today, thanks to a kind friend who brought some exercise books for all the children. I had bought Harry a clipboard for working outdoors too and he was very impressed - he even used it at home later in the day! We are going to use this for all outdoor work, so our stone age drawings went in there and we also looked out for early signs of spring using this Nature Detectives spotting sheet. I had forgotten how many good resources are on the website so I will be checking back more regularly! We saw hazel catkins, snowdrops, bulb shoots and primroses, although no frog spawn yet. Harry cut out the pictures from the spotting sheet and glued them into his journal. He also had a go at drawing some himself and writing the names.

I am really looking forward to some outdoor work - I am sure the journal will be full before the end of the year! I think we will enjoy looking back through it too and remembering what we have seen through the changing seasons.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Spring planning in the snow

Well, I hadn't expected to wake up to this deep covering of snow this morning! I am little concerned by it as we have a birthday party to get to this afternoon.

It's a bit difficult to envisage when it looks like this outside but have been thinking about spring at the moment and planning lots of exciting activities for us. As Easter is quite early I want to be ready! We will be decorating eggs and decorating our home with a variety of crafted flowers - hopefully some more sewing for Harry as he really enjoyed it at Christmas. 

Can't wait to be heading out without coats and seeing colour and nature all around!